About Us

ZeroWatt provides a LCC (Life Cycle Cost) model that delivers the best possible economic return and the most sustainable alternative. Our solution is simple – 20 % of the world’s electricity consumption comes from high energy consuming fluorescent light tubes and street lamps that also contain mercury.

Sustainability and Profitability are now inextricably linked

At Zero Watt, our mission is to offer best return on investment and that our customers always have the most financially advantageous option. We recommend out customers to use the Swedish Energy Agency’s LCC/TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) model to identify the best product choices within LED Lighting. ZeroWatt products delivery both quality and profitability. We will never compete in the ‘lowest price LED market" where price comes before quality and the environment will pays the cost. ZeroWatt Groups LED products provide the best savings over time. With the total life cycle cost (LCC/TCO) your organisation achieves both environmental goals and the best return on its investment.

Products & Services

Street Lights

ZeroWatt are delivering high-quality streetlights for the public and private sector. Our streetlights come in many variations and designs to meet different needs.

Tunnel Lights

Our tunnel-lights are designed to meet the tuff conditions in cold and wet railway tunnels as well in hot steamy industrial environments or in unprotected outdoor spots.

Indoor LED tubes

Our industry class LED tubes are extremely durable and can therefore also be in stalled in challenging environments together with a lifetime over 125 000 hours which is equivalent to 14 - 21 years of daily use.

LaaS (Lighting-as-a-Service)

Lighting-as-a-Service, a service similar to leasing where but we also take care of installation and maintenance during the LaaS period, and the best thing of all, our clients will receive a lower total cost for lighting from day one.

Did You Know That?

- Traditional high energy consuming and toxic fluorescent lights lasts 1-3 years.
- Durable and sustainable LED lights lasts 20-60 years

- Fluorescent lights are the world’s fourth most manufactured product

- 75 % of the lighting consists of fluorescent lights

- 20 % of the world energy consumption comes from fluorescent lights

- The inventors of the white LED light received the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014

By using the Zero Watt Group procurement methodology and products

We can now achieve environmental and climate goals

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